replacing data frame row values with a shorter vector and fill other cells with 0s

Hello to everyone!

I want to combine all samples (with different rows and columns) into one matrix, but when I’m trying to assign samples to empty combined matrix I have gotten this error:

“error number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length”

I was wondering can I add zeros to other samples to avoid this error.

Can you help me with how to proceed?

Here the code that I wrote:

# unique taxa of all data
all.genus <- c("taxa1","taxa2","taxa3","taxa4",

# unique samples of all data
all.samples <- c("sample1.1", "sample1.2", "sample1.3","sample2.1","sample2.2","sample2.3",

# creating matrix which containing all unique samples and taxa = matrix(0, nrow = 8, ncol = 8)
rownames( = all.genus
colnames( = all.samples

# real sample1 which containing "sample1.1","sample1.2", "sample1.3"
sample1 <- matrix(runif(12), nrow = 4, ncol = 3)
colnames(sample1) = c("sample1.1", "sample1.2", "sample1.3")
rownames(sample1) = c("taxa1","taxa4","taxa5","taxa7")

# loop for assingn sample1data to
for(i in all.genus) {
  ind = which(rownames(sample1) == i) <- sample1[ind,][i,] =

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