Looking for “external” LAMMPS source code in need of updating for the latest LAMMPS versions – LAMMPS Development

Dear LAMMPS Users and Developers!

One of the projects of the LAMMPS Code Clinic 2022 is updating sources for external LAMMPS styles or packages and converting them to plugins for easy integration into pre-compiled binary packages.

So if you maintain or know of any such packages or source files, please reply to this post with your suggestion(s), submit an issue with your suggestion in the GitHub repository for plugins or email developer@lammps.org

Of course there is no guarantee that your suggestion will be considered (that primarily depends on the number of participants at the event and how much time they can contribute), that the code must be distributed under a license that allows such modifications, and please also note that code requiring modifications to the core of LAMMPS cannot be converted to plugins.

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