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Hi there,

I’ve been doing bioinformatics and genomics for almost 10 years mainly using academic software, mostly with command-line interface, as well as writing my own scripts using Perl/python/R.
Lately, I’ve run into three commercial tools related to bioinformatics and genomics, namely: Golden Helix, DNASTAR, and geneious.
Although I haven’t really tried them, they appear to be somewhat similar to one another.
If anyone here has experience with any of these tools (or others that I didn’t mention), it’d be interesting to hear what you think. Are they any good? Are you still using them? How well did they integrate with your work etc.
Have these tools ever been compared to one another and/or to academic software?
In general, this thread is supposed to be an open discussion about relevant commercial tools, so feel free to chime in with any thoughts or comments on the topic.





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