What is Covid arm? Here’s everything you need to know

In the last 2, or 3 years, the Covid-19 vaccine has been given to crores of people. Many people have taken booster doses along with both doses. Despite getting a dose of the vaccine, many people are getting positive for covid. Like other vaccinations, the Covid-19 vaccine can also have some side effects. After the vaccine, fever, fatigue, vomiting or swelling of hands and feet are common problems and, if you get immense pain after taking the covid vaccine shot, then it’s a sign of covid arm. It has been discovered that women are more prone to Covid Arm than men.

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What is Covid Arm?

According to Health.com, the way the body’s immune system reacts after getting the Covid-19 vaccine is called the Covid arm. Covid arm as the name itself suggests that this problem emerges in the arm after the vaccine. Especially at the place where a person has taken the vaccine, there may be a problem of red rashes, itching and swelling. Sometimes even touching it wound can be painful. The problem of the covid arm does not emerge immediately. Usually, this problem appears in 5-9 days. Many doctors say that this is not like the side effects of other vaccines which occur within one to two days. Its symptoms can be different and sometimes severe.

How long does the problem of covid arm last?

It has been seen in most cases that the problem of covid arm lasts for 20 to 25 days. Although this is a harmless problem, due to pain and swelling in the arms, it can become a cause of trouble.

How to get rid of Covid arm?

Steroids can be taken to reduce itching, as well as swelling can be reduced by applying ice to the affected area. Use oil on the covid arm regularly to prevent the growth of patches or pimples. This is not an infection, so do not use antibiotics at all. 

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