VIB hiring Postdoc Position in Bioinformatics, Metagenomics and the Human Microbiome in Leuven, Flemish Region, Belgium

The lab of Jeroen Raes (VIB, KU Leuven) is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in the computational analysis of microbiome data, with a particular emphasis on human-associated microbial communities in health and disease.Projects Will Focus On(i) bioinformatics/statistics method development for joint host and microbiota data analysis, multi-omics and clinical data integration and/or(ii) their application to large scale datasets generated within the Flemish Gut Flora project cohort (n>5000), in a wide range of disease cohorts as well as in international projects (e.g FP7 MetaCardis, H2020 AD-Gut).We look for an excellent track record in (meta-)omics data analysis and strong scientific drive. We provide a stimulating and fun environment to pursue your scientific dreams. Further info on www.raeslab.orgProfile

  • PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology, datamining, biostatistics, population and/or statistical genetics, human microbiota, numerical/microbial ecology or equivalent
  • Good programming skills (perl/python/ruby/java/C++ etc, SQL, R), proficiency in Unix/Linux and cluster experience
  • A strong track record in omics data analysis (e.g. (meta)genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, epigenomics, genotyping data) is a plus
  • Experience in clinical datamining/machine learning, biomarker detection is a plus

We offerVIB-KULeuven is an exciting, interdisciplinary research institute with excellent facilities and leading research groups in e.g. gastroenterology, oncology, immunology, microbiology & virology, clinical genetics/-omics, molecular biology and translational research. The Raes lab is located on the Gasthuisberg campus of the KU Leuven (Fac. of Medicine) and has on-site robotic sample processing, high-throughput computing resources as well as next-gen sequencing facilities (mi/next/hiSeq. PacBio, oxford nanopore).Interested? Check out some of our recent work! (lab members in bold):

  • Falony G*, Joossens M*, Vieira-Silva S*, Wang J* et al (2016) Population-level analysis of gut microbiome variation. Science 352:560-4
  • Lima-Mendez G*, Faust, K*, Henri, N*, et al (2015) Determinants of community structure in the global plankton interactome. Science 348:1262073.
  • Vieira-Silva S*, Falony G* et al (2016) Species-function relationships shape ecological properties of the human gut microbiome. Nature Microbiology doi:10.1038/nmicrobiol.2016.88
  • Sabino J*, Vieira-Silva S* et al (2016) Primary sclerosing cholangitis is characterized by intestinal dysbiosis independent from inflammatory bowel disease. Gut pii: gutjnl-2015-311004
  • Forslund K*, Hildebrand F*, Nielsen T*, Falony G*, Le Chatelier E* et al (2015) Disentangling the effects of type 2 diabetes and metformin on the human gut microbiota. Nature 528:262-6
  • Faust K*, Lahti L* et al (2015) Metagenomics meets time series: Unraveling microbial community dynamics. Current Opinion in Microbiology 25:56-66

How to apply?Interested Candidates Are Encouraged To Apply Online. Additional Requirements

  • please upload a letter stating your interest
  • please add the contact details of two references

Our institute greatly values diverse standpoints and promotes an inclusive environment in which everyone is respected.

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