Forex Broker with High Leverage and Open API!

Torobase is an innovative trading platform that offers a variety of features and benefits that make it the perfect choice for beginners and professional traders alike. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes Torobase different from other Forex brokers.

What is Torobase?

Torobase is a revolutionary online trading platform that allows users to trade in forex and cryptocurrencies. It’s one of the few platforms that offer high leverage up to 1:3000 in combination with tight spreads starting from 0.1 pips. Torobase also offers a variety of other features, including zero commission, instant execution, no minimum deposit, and 2-factor security in line with the latest modern security standards.

Torobase also provides Open API (RESTful API) that allows users to access their data and use it in custom applications, or to integrate their trading accounts with 3rd party applications. This makes it ideal for developing advanced trading strategies and professional automated trading robots.

Benefits of Torobase

Torobase offers a number of benefits that make it an ideal platform for professional algorithmic traders. Let’s take a closer look:

High Leverage

One of the main advantages of Torobase is its high leverage ratio of up to 1:3000. This means that users can trade with a much higher amount of capital than they would with other platforms. This is especially useful for trading strategies wanting to take advantage of market volatility and momentum.

Tight Spreads

Torobase offers tight spreads starting from 0.1 pips. Users can benefit from lower trading costs when trading smaller price fluctuations.

Zero Commission

Torobase doesn’t charge any commission on trades and makes its profit just from the spreads, which makes it one of the most cost-effective platforms.

Instant Execution

Torobase offers instant execution of trades, so users can be sure that their trades will be executed as soon as they hit the market and for the best possible price.

No Minimum Deposit Required

Unlike some other platforms, Torobase doesn’t require users to deposit a minimum amount of money to start trading.

2-Factor Security

Torobase takes the security of its users really seriously and unlike other Forex brokers, Torobase offers 2-factor authentication to ensure the security of all users’ accounts. This makes users’ funds to be truly safe and secured.

Open API (RESTful API)

Torobase also provides an open API (RESTful API) that allows users to access their data and use it in other applications. This makes it ideal for developing advanced automated trading systems and trading robots.


Torobase also supports professional algorithmic trading, so users can take advantage of advanced trading techniques to maximize their profits.

Web, Android, iOS

Torobase accounts are easily accessible 24/7 from the web, Android, and iOS, so users can access the platform from any device and always stay up to date with their trading and account balance.

Easy and Fast Registration

Signing up for Torobase is free, easy, fast, and all online. All users are ready to start trading in no time.

Demo and Live Accounts Available

Torobase offers both demo and real live accounts, so users can practice their trading strategies before going live. This helps to ensure that users are well-prepared before they start trading with real money.


Torobase offers a variety of benefits, including high leverage up to 1:3000, tight spreads, zero commission, instant execution, no minimum deposit, 2-factor security, Open API, technology for professional algorithmic trading, web, Android, iOS, easy and fast registration, and demo and live accounts. Opening an account in Torobase is free, easy, safe, and straightforward.

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