Import from openapi v3 with “~1” in parameter $ref

Using $ref – Swagger

OAS 3 This guide is for OpenAPI 3.0. Using $ref. When you document an API, it is common to have some features which…

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OpenAPI Specification v3.1.0 | Introduction, Definitions, & More

The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) defines a standard, programming language-agnostic interface description for HTTP APIs.

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OpenAPI 3.1 – What’s New and How to Migrate to … – APIMatic

Go to the APIMatic Dashboard and click on Transform API. Import the OpenAPI 3.0 specification linked above. Select the export format as OpenAPI…

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Importing API Definitions | SwaggerHub Documentation

You can import your existing OpenAPI 3.0, OpenAPI 2.0 or AsyncAPI definitions to SwaggerHub. Both JSON and YAML definitions can be imported, and…

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API import restrictions and known issues – Azure

Can’t reference external files. OpenAPI specifications. Supported versions. API Management only supports: OpenAPI version 2. OpenAPI version 3.0 …

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