r – How can I plot a map using ggplot2 that includes the latitude and longitude of the data?

Would ggmap package be helpful?
You may use it to download a map of Arizona and plot the data points according to their longitude and latitude on the map.
For example,

AZmap = get_stamenmap(bbox=c(left = -115.63, bottom = 31.25, right =
                                 -108.84, top = 37.18),zoom = 2)
ggmap(AZmap)+ geom_point(aes(x = your longitude,
                                y = your latitude,
                                data = your data,
                                alpha = 0.1, size = 1, color="red")

I tried get_map or get_googlemap before but they required API key. get_stamenmap works best for me.

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