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Unique Print Options AudioLabel also features a unique printing options panel that allows for control over the quality of the print, and individual customization for each print.
Automatically Change Your Label as You Work AudioLabel is smart, it works out of the box, and it can change your label design as you work. Unlike other label maker programs, you can quickly change the look of your design as you work. The label name can be changed from the program’s default to a more personal name using the custom dialog that is included. The dialog includes a search feature to find the label name in any file that has a blank space in the file name.
Exclusive AudioLabel Technology AudioLabel CD Label Maker uses exclusive audioLabel technology from the company that created Ogg Vorbis, the open media format for audio. AudioLabel has the processing power to not only detect what song is currently playing, but also to correctly locate the song’s metadata and embed this information within the label. This information includes the album, artist, track, and genre. If you are always hearing a CD at work or in the car, you can find album information by connecting your portable audio device to your computer using the AudioLabel USB interface. There is also a handy check button to notify you when the available metadata is found. With AudioLabel, the label printing for all types of music CDs is a breeze.
Additional Features AudioLabel CD Label Maker is extremely easy to learn. It has an intuitive drag and drop interface and only takes a few clicks to create a full length label. You can use the optional fonts included with the program and import any of your own Type1, TrueType, or OpenType fonts for use with the program. 6a6f617c0c

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