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in their next publication the eto consortium will continue the debate on the status and function of etos. they will discuss the further development of the eto consortium’s position and present some of its other important initiatives.
etos are the most important single component of any strategy for the protection of human rights. the eto consortium has published a first newsletter on the topic. for a wide range of legal and empirical literature on etos and a list of documents the newsletter is an important source of information.
there are many excellent publications on etos in the area of development. a well-known example is the report of the united nations commission on human rights, which led to the adoption of a resolution in 1991 on the need to protect and promote the rights of women in situations of armed conflict.
since the publication of the eto consortium’s first paper on etos and the maastricht principles a number of states have adopted etos. etos are playing an increasingly important role in the protection of human rights and in the promotion of global justice.
the encyclopedia of the extraterritorial obligations of states to human rights (etos) is a database containing information about extraterritorial human rights obligations (etos) of the states with active or potential responsibility to the hrcee. it was initiated in 2010 and is developing rapidly. the most recent addition (1,000 articles) was made in december 2014. etos is a user-friendly and freely accessible online resource intended to complement existing databases on human rights, such as the un-sponsored human rights databases, which are the basis for the compilation of etos. its comprehensive and regularly updated content is structured under seven thematic sections: conceptualization and theoretical foundations; enforcement; migration and refugee protection; finance, investment and trade; peace and security; finance, investment and trade; and environment. 6a6f617c0c

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