Human Population Reference Genomes (+Neanderthal?)

Human Population Reference Genomes (+Neanderthal?)


Hey everyone.

I’m relatively new to bioinformatics, basically just working with fasta files and BLAST. I’m trying to run some comparisons of the human reference genome to population-specific reference genomes, as well as that of the neanderthal.

I have fasta files off Ensembl for the GRCh38, and I found a reference genome for Japanese individuals ( as well as an Ashkenazi reference genome ( I’m having trouble finding anything but BAM files for the neanderthal, and I can’t find a reference genome at all for Sub-Saharan African populations.

My goal, as a newbie here, is to run some alignments and get some numbers supporting the notion that human diversity is low, and also that neanderthals fall outside our range.

I would be grateful for help finding some additional reference genomes, and fasta neanderthal chromosomes (or some way to convert from BAM). I know they are aDNA and very incomplete as well so I understand if the files I am looking for do not exist.

Thank you!




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