problem with installation of ggplot2 (and rlang) in R

I have problem with installation of ggplot2 in R. I am using Windows10 and my R version is 4.0.3 (I can’t update it because I don’t have admin permissions).
What I did:

  1. I tried install ggplot2 install.packages('ggplot2', dependencies = TRUE)
  2. Get error during installation (first one):

'loadNamespace(i, c(lib.loc, .libPaths()), versionCheck = vI[[i]])': namespace 'rlang' 1.0.2 is being loaded, but >= 1.0.6 is required

  1. I downloaded 1.0.6 verson of rlang from LINK and installed manually

  2. I get error:
    Warning in system(cmd) : 'make' not found ERROR: compilation failed for package 'rlang'

I have no idea how to solve it? I read Rtools but I can’t install it without admin permissions.

Read more here: Source link