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the recommended practice is to maintain a separate library for each r and bioconductor version. so instead of installing packages into rs system library (e.g., as administrator), install only base r into the system location. then use aliases or other approaches to create r / bioconductor version-specific installations. this is described in the section on maintaining multiple versions of r and bioconductor.
it is possible that when upgrading to a new r release the new r may not fully support all of the functionality in older packages. this could cause compatibility issues. in the unlikely event that there is a compatibility problem which is not identified at the time of the upgrade, the current version of r is usually up-to-date enough to resolve the issue. for this reason, we try to add the latest supported version of r for the newest version of bioconductor. in most cases, we install the most recent version of r and bioconductor available at the time of upgrade. if for any reason we have to exclude a package from being upgraded, we will leave it in the old r installation and will add it to the new r installation after r is upgraded.
if you need more than 8gib of memory, or if you have a newer device with a higher minimum memory requirement, you may need to install r on a different partition. follow these instructions to install r in different locations. 6a6f617c0c

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