NCI-H322M In Vitro Genome Sequencing Assay

Assay Name

In Vitro Genome Sequencing Assay

Assay Description

Genome sequencing is the most accurate and informative method used to identify gene mutations in basic biological and clinical research.

Assay Type

Genome Alteration Assays

Assay Type Details

Aberrant or somatic mutations are more commonly found in the DNA of cancer cells compared to normal cells. There is an equilibrium that exists between DNA damage and repair in normal cells. However, in cancer cells these events are disturbed, resulting in mutations and genomic instability. Genomic instability in cancer cells causes chromosomal aberrations, microsatellite instability, aneuploidy and uncontrolled gene amplifications and genetic instability in cancer cells are mainly due to point mutations or chromosomal aberrations such as insertions, deletions and translocation, resulting in mutated proteins.

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