[slurm-users] sharing licences with non slurm workers

Dear all,

we have a license server which is allocating licenses to a bunk of workstation

not managed with slurm (completely independent boxes) and the nodes of a cluster,

all managed with slurm.

I wrote a simple script that keeps querying the number of licenses used by the

outside “world” and changes the total number of available license in the slurm


Everything works as expected except when all licenses are used outside of slurm.

When this occurs, the total number of licenses is set to zero and slurm refuses

to accept any job asking for one or more licenses with this error message:

“sbatch: error: Batch job submission failed: Invalid license specification”


is there a way to configure slurm to still accept and queue jobs even when the

total number of licenses is set temporarily to zero?

If my approach is not correct,

is there a way to share a common license server between slurm workers and non

slurm workers?

Thank you.

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