Molecular biologist / clinical pharmacologist (f/m/d)

We are currently seeking a highly motivated researcher with a background in molecular biology or clinical pharmacology to join Delta4’s technology team.

Delta4 GmbH is a Vienna-based biotech company driving the forefront of digital drug discovery and development. Delta4 leverages on a proprietary computational analytics platform, combined with biomedical testing and clinical validation of candidate drugs. Our unique approach integrates iterative big data/in silico and experimental screens, offering most efficient matching of clinical indications and compound/drug effects.

The Candidate
We invite applications from outstanding graduates in the field of molecular biology / clinical pharmacology or equivalent who have a solid understanding of cellular and molecular biology, disease pathophysiology, and drug mechanism of action (MoA).

Core tasks will be the modelling of disease pathophysiology and drug MoA making use of heterogeneous multi-dimensional datasets. The candidate will use Delta4’s software platform to support identification of drug candidates for preclinical and clinical testing for Delta4’s internal drug development projects, but will also work on service projects for big pharma and biotech in the area of computational drug repositioning.

Further tasks will be to continuously screen for and evaluate novel disease- and drug-related datasets/databases for inclusion into Delta4’s in-silico drug repositioning workflow. Additional tasks will be to support research grant writing, drafting scientific publications and method-of-use patents, and the creation of project reports.

Required skills

• Solid understanding of cellular and molecular biology (signal transduction pathways, metabolic pathways)

• Solid knowledge of human disease pathophysiology and key disease mechanisms (fibrosis, inflammation, vascular damage, hypoxia, necrosis, …)

• Experience with extracting data from key biological databases (NCBI, Ensembl, UniProt, GEO, ArrayExpress, …)

• Knowledge of key biomedical ontologies/vocabularies (Medical Subject Headings, Gene Ontology, Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification, ICD-10, …)

• Knowledge of key molecular pathway databases (KEGG, PANTHER, Reactome, Pathway Commons, …)

• Scientific writing skills

• Data literacy (i.e. extracting, handling, and visualizing biomedical data)

Additional desired skills

• Knowledge of either Python, R, or Matlab

• Experience with different data formats such as plain-text files, SQL, JSON, XML

• Statistical analysis of large biological datasets (e.g. Omics data)

• Experience with biological network modelling and visualization (e.g. Cytoscape, Gephi, or igraph)

• Knowledge of regulatory aspects of drug development

• Knowledge of intellectual property rights / patenting aspects

We offer

• A challenging job in a dynamic, early stage drug discovery company

• A competitive salary based on qualification (minimum 63.000 € gross/year)

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