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Technical Writer (DataSpell)

DataSpell is a new JetBrains IDE for professional Data Scientists. DataSpell is geared towards exploratory data analysis and prototyping ML models and combines the interactivity of Jupyter notebooks with intelligent Python and R coding assistance. The ultimate goal is to make data science work more efficient and insightful.

At JetBrains, Technical Writers are part of the product teams. Our documentation process is very open: technical writers communicate directly with the developers and QAs to get all the required technical information. There are no intermediaries or long technical specifications involved.

They also work closely together with the product marketing managers and support engineers to analyze user feedback and define and prioritize the tasks.

We have a plug-in to IntelliJ IDEA developed internally to author documentation. The documentation is written in XML using a schema adapted to suit our needs. All source code is under Git version control.


  • Create clear and technically precise documentation for emerging DataSpell features.
  • Maintain the existing documentation and constantly improve it.
  • Work closely with the product development team to get a clear understanding of how the product works.
  • Communicate with technical support and marketing to understand user needs.
  • Analyze the needs of both new and experienced users and help them learn the product efficiently.
  • Optionally write technical content for marketing materials (web pages, blog posts, video, etc.).


  • 2+ years of experience in technical writing.
  • Excellent written English.
  • Experience in working with a large documentation base.
  • Knowledge of markup languages.
  • Experience with authoring tools, issue tracking and version control systems.
  • Strong writing, collaboration, and communication skills.
  • General understanding of single-source authoring.

We’d be especially thrilled if you:

  • Have data science and Jupyter notebook expertise and are interested in expanding it.
  • Love Python and know it well.
  • Have experience with DataSpell, PyCharm, or other JetBrains IDEs.

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