Nucleotide substitution model and neighbor-joining tree

Good morning!

I would like to build neighbor-joining tree, but can’t decide what nucleotide substitution model should be used.

As I understand, fitting nucleotide substitution models in MEGA is option for distance-based methods (this post). But does it really matter to character-based like NJ? If I choose NJ-method in building phylogeny section, different replacement models are offered. And resulting trees have different branch supports depending on the model! So, it is important.

Having made sure of this, I choose Models > Find best DNA/Protein models (ML) (yes, ML, I would like to use NJ, but futher there is NJ option? ->), then Tree to use – Automatic (NJ tree) and obtain table with GTR, GTR+I, GTR+G, GTR+G+I, K2, K2+G, K2+I, K2+G+I, JC, JC+I, JC+G, JC+G+I, T92, T92+G, T92+I, T92+G+I, HKY, TN93+I, TN93+G, TN93, HKY+I, HKY+G, TN93+G+I, HKY+G+I, whereas in building phylogeny window (NJ) there are such options: No. of differences, P-distance, Jukes-Cantor model (JC), Kimura 2-parameter model (K2), Tajama-Nei model (where is estimation?), Tamura 3-parameter model (T92), Tamura-Nei model (where is estimation?), Maximum Composite Likelihood (where is estimation?), LogDet (Tamura-Kumar) (where is estimation?).

I have also tried modeltest (phangorn), but can’t find estimation for Tajama-Nei model, Tamura 3-parameter model, Maximum Composite Likelihood, LogDet (Tamura-Kumar), and can’t determine Tamura-Nei = TrN or TrNe in it’s output (separate post).

Could you please help me to choose the nucleotide substitution model for NJ?

Thank you in advance!

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