swagger 2.0 – When using Apigee Edge, and OpenApi versions 3.* when are quotes needed around nodes in the specs specifically?

I am getting errors in Apigee when I try to reference a spec while trying to add a product to the portal. I have seen openApi/Swagger examples where nodes are sometimes wrapped in double-quotes, some in single-quotes, and some with no quotes. I get a message that the yaml/Json is not valid.

Is there a document where it explains when openAPI wants quotes and where it doesn’t. I do not like to put in pointless quotes around things.

I am using openAPI version 3.0.3. in Apigee Edge

I’ve used different OpenAPI spec editors. The Specs editor in Apigee doesn’t react to things I feel are incorrect. The Try-Me functionality works. Other editors will highlight different lines. I correct them, then paste them back into the Apigee Specs editor. But then when trying to add the Product to the Portal using a Spec, it tells me that the YAML/JSON is invalid.

I am not sure this is important but this a spec I have written after the proxy was written. I don’t know if maybe this is an association issue. Later I’ll have another question on how to relate a spec to an existing proxy.

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