Google’s Gemini AI inches closer to a showdown with OpenAI’s GPT-4

What you need to know

  • Sources have allegedly stated Google is giving outside developers a chance to play around with its new Gemini AI system.
  • Developers have gained access to a smaller version of Gemini while Google continues to “train” the full version.
  • Gemini reaching a limited test could mean the company is getting closer to releasing the new AI model for consumers and for developers for software integration.

Google’s next large AI model is reportedly moving into its next phase of development as the company gathers some early feedback.

According to The Information, Google has started granting access to its Gemini AI system to outside developers (via Reuters). Opening the doors to Gemini in a limited way could mean Google is preparing to work Gemini into its “consumer services and selling it to businesses through the company’s cloud services,” the publication added, citing multiple sources close to the matter.

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