Senior Bioinformatics Data Scientist (Structural Bioinformatics) job at BenevolentAI, London September 2023

We are keen to hear from experienced bioinformaticians, who specialise in protein structure, to join our discovery technology product development team. You will work as part of a cross-functional team to tackle problems across the drug discovery process including target identification, molecular design and drug repurposing. You will bring your expert knowledge of structural bioinformatics to build technology that connects biology and chemistry and provide decision making insights to drug hunters. You will be part of the wider Informatics team who are the domain experts for biological, chemical, and clinical data at BAI and its application to enable drug discovery in our technology platform.


  • Lead the development of our in-house protein structure analysis tools to derive insights into druggability, binding site analysis, and molecular interactions for drug discovery applications.
  • Work within a multidisciplinary team of data scientists, machine learning specialists and software engineers. to develop user facing products for drug discovery scientists that incorporate insights from protein structure, chemistry, and the wide range of data modalities integrated into the BAI platform.
  • Contribute to BAI drug discovery programmes through the application of protein structure tools and products in collaboration with BAI’s cheminformatics and computational chemistry teams.
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively across product, technology, and drug discovery scientific disciplines and functions to achieve BenevolentAI strategic goals.

We are looking for:

  • A PhD, or equivalent industrial experience in Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Structural biology, Computational Sciences, or a related subject area.
  • Strong and demonstrable knowledge of structural bioinformatics approaches and their application to small molecule drug discovery, and the ability to build software for that purpose.
  • Proficient programmer in at least one language (preferably python) for use in data analysis, automation and testing.
  • Innovator of new ideas and approaches in structural bioinformatics fields of research, as demonstrated by appropriate papers, presentations, or code contributions to open source projects
  • Practical experience processing and deriving novel insights from structural biology resources, e.g. PDB, AlphaFoldDB, SIFTS.
  • Familiarity with processing and deriving novel insights from large chemical data resources is desirable e.g. ChEMBL, SureChEMBL, and PubChem
  • Knowledge and experience of product/tool development.
  • Familiarity with modern software development paradigms, including containerisation with Docker, GitOps, and cloud computing
  • Excellent communicator, both verbal and written, with an ability to share knowledge and ideas between scientific and engineering disciplines.

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