KBR, Inc. hiring Senior Bioinformatics/Data Scientist in Houston, TX

TitleSenior Bioinformatics/Data Scientist


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KBR is seeking a Senior Data Scientist with Bioinformatics experience.

The position will manage and support the National Institute of Mental Health Data Archive (NDA) and facilitate the infrastructure that supports the submission, quality assurance, and provision of subject-level research data such as clinical, phenotypic, neuroimaging, genomics data from various NIH & non-NIH funded research laboratories. The data archive directly ingests and manages up-to-date grants administration data from NIH information systems. Curated data from the archive is disseminated through an in-house web application to authorized users via the web for research purposes.

Additional Responsibilities Include

  • Curate and harmonize all new research data to the NDA data dictionary, manage data quality assurance processes, support all users’ data submission and harmonization needs, in adherence with the current NDA data harmonization approach (nda.nih.gov/contribute/nda-dataharmonization-approach.html)
  • Operate and maintain the NDA data dictionary web service for external users and data dictionary web application for internal users
  • Update data harmonization approach as modern methods and tools become available, as appropriate and directed
  • Maintain behavioral, phenotypic, demographic, clinical, genomic, imaging, and neurosignal recording data standards (nda.nih.gov/contribute/harmonization-standards.html), creating up-to-date data structures for such data sets, as needed; Create links to existing 5 controlled vocabularies (such as LOINC or SNOMED) as directed; Use newly emerging formats/infrastructure such as FHIR, as appropriate or as directed
  • Provide user support for data submitters who are submitting large-scale biomedical research data
  • Provide user support for data users who access linked, partially harmonized datasets comprised of data collected from different laboratories or consortia
  • Integrate appropriate unique person and data identifiers from external sources (ORCID, etc.), as appropriate and directed
  • Generate data utilization reports, including data submission, data access, data use, data downloads, and return on investment reports for NIMH leadership
  • Support and extend full auditing capability for all database modifications
  • Maintain up-to-date internal and external-facing documentation of all standard operational and technical procedures

Required Education/Experience

  • Education: Must have a Ph.D. degree in the field of bioinformatics.
  • Prior experience in bioinformatics supporting the National Institute of Heath (NIH).
  • Experience working cooperatively with database developers and database architects.
  • Knowledge of medical Informatics or Public Health Informatics; statistics, biostatistics, mathematics; specific tools and data resources relevant to the federal health mission including SAS, Epi Info, etc.
  • Ability to apply sound quantitative data and methods to support deployment of resources for massive public health surveillance, prevention and intervention campaigns and related health activities.
  • Experience with national and/or international standards development activities such as HL7, X12, W3C; and in the application of advanced scientific visualization technology to public health science and practice.

Preferred Education/Experience

  • Experience with clinical, phenotypic, neuroimaging, and genomics data.
  • Experience supporting the National Institute of Mental Health.

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