Upload DNA Data For Free From Any Genetic Test

Upload your DNA data from almost any genetic test.

Easily upload DNA data from a broad spectrum of genetic tests to Sequencing.com, your central hub for genetic insights. From the moment your data is uploaded, you unlock access to an extensive selection of DNA analysis apps and reports, designed to transmute raw genetic data into comprehensible, actionable insights.

What sets Sequencing.com apart is our revolutionary One Genome Technology. This unique feature empowers our suite of apps and reports to process and analyze DNA data from a wide array of genetic tests. Whether your data originates from genotyping microarrays, exome sequencing, or whole genome sequencing, our technology ensures compatibility, delivering meaningful interpretations of your genetic blueprint.

This enables the app to be able to analyze DNA data from almost any genetic test, including genotyping microarrays, exome sequencing, and whole genome sequencing.

If you’ve already taken a genetic test, it’s easy and free to upload your data.

Older DNA test providers that may no longer be providing testing services

If you have not yet taken a DNA test, ⁠compare DNA tests and genome sequencing services to determine which is best for you.

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