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SageMath Download – upstream/ratpoints

SageMath Download – upstream/ratpoints Current Directory: upstream/ratpoints = ratpoints = == Description == Michael Stoll’s program which searches for rational points on hyperelliptic curves. == SPKG Maintainers == * Robert Miller == Upstream Contact == * Author: Michael Stoll * Email: Michael.Stoll@uni-bayreuth.de * Website: www.mathe2.uni-bayreuth.de/stoll/ == Dependencies == * GMP/MPIR…

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integrated development environment (IDE) for R (Free software)

RStudio is the integrated development environment (IDE) for R programming language, It was built to ease and automate the workflow of R with a user-friendly interface. Many people are not comfortable working with terminals, RStudio was built to make R easier for them. It has a built-in package manager, session…

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TRIMMOMATIC ERROR ON WINDOWS/CYGWIN 1 Hi everyone, I am trying to install Trimmomatic and use it to RNA-seq in my Windows computer. But unfortunately, there is an error that I can’t fix. Could you please help me ? Thanks windows cygwin trimmomatic • 40 views • link updated 2 hours…


rstudio package not found

Like last time, I deleted my previous versions of R but I still don’t get the prompt. You need to set your library path to a folder that exists. Error in print(nycflights13) : object ‘nycflights13’ not found, Tried restarting and updating r and r studio both. Heres how to do…

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H2O is an in-memory platform for distributed, scalable machine learning

H2O is an in-memory platform for distributed, scalable machine learning. H2O uses familiar interfaces like R, Python, Scala, Java, JSON and the Flow notebook/web interface, and works seamlessly with big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark. H2O provides implementations of many popular algorithms such as Generalized Linear Models (GLM), Gradient…

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sagemath/sage-windows – githubmate

Build files and instructions for the Cygwin-compatible build of Sage and its executable installer and auxiliary files. You can find the latest release (for now) at github.com/sagemath/sage-windows/releases Occasionally new versions of SageMath for Windows are released independently of the Sage version (e.g. to make improvements with the Windows installer itself)….

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cp2k9 under cygwin: bomd at graphite: slow?

Good day/good evening everybody: recently I compiled cp2k version 9 under Cygwin,and I am using it with BOMD to try predicting possible favourable orientations of small aromatic molecules next to graphite. I attach here one of trial examples, where a small aromatic moleculeis overwhelmed by the original slightly unfavourable initial…

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