Cosmo_00080 : CDS information — DoBISCUIT

Category 1.1 PKS Product polyketide synthase chain length factor subunit Product (GenBank) CosC Gene Gene (GenBank) cosC EC number Keyword Note Note (GenBank) ketosynthase – beta subunit Reference ACC Q2PZR8 PmId [16810496] Insights in the glycosylation steps during biosynthesis of the antitumor anthracycline cosmomycin: characterization of two glycosyltransferase genes. (Appl…

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Pact_00210 : CDS information — DoBISCUIT

Category 3.4 other modification Product putative 6-methylsalicylyltransferase Product (GenBank) ketoacyl-ACP synthase Gene pctTptmR Gene (GenBank) pctT EC number Keyword Note Note (GenBank) Reference ACC A8R0K3 PmId [17827660] Cloning of the pactamycin biosynthetic gene cluster and characterization of a crucial glycosyltransferase prior to a unique cyclopentane ring formation. (J Antibiot (Tokyo)….

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Stref_00240 : CDS information — DoBISCUIT

Category 3.2 modification methylation Product putative O-methyltransferase Product (GenBank) O-methyl transferase Gene Gene (GenBank) stfMII EC number 2.1.1.- Keyword Note Note (GenBank) Reference ACC Q2P9Z1 PmId [16751529] Isolation, characterization, and heterologous expression of the biosynthesis gene cluster for the antitumor anthracycline steffimycin. (Appl Environ Microbiol. , 2006) comment steffimycin生合成gene clusterのクローニング、特徴づけ。 …

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