Tag: ICheckpointHelperClient

Gromacs: gmx::CheckpointHelper Class Reference

Checkpoint helper. The CheckpointHelper is responsible to write checkpoints. In the longer term, it will also be responsible to read checkpoints, but this is not yet implemented. Writing checkpoints is done just before neighbor-searching (NS) steps, or after the last step. Checkpointing occurs periodically (by default, every 15 minutes), and…

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Gromacs: gmx::ICheckpointHelperClient Class Reference

Client that needs to store data during checkpointing. Clients receive a CheckpointData object for reading and writing. Note that ReadCheckpointData is a typedef for CheckpointData<CheckpointDataOperation::Read>, and WriteCheckpointData is a typedef for CheckpointData<CheckpointDataOperation::Write>. This allows clients to write a single templated function, e.g. template<CheckpointDataOperation operation> void doCheckpointData(CheckpointData<operation>* checkpointData, const t_commrec* cr)…

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