Workflow Platforms for Systems Genetics

Workflow Platforms for Systems Genetics eQTL Platforms eQTL Viewer Mouse Genome Informatics: Phenotypes, Alleles & Disease Models PhenoGen Informatics (CO U) eXtensible Genotype And Phenotype platform (XGAP) MOLGENIS & MetaNetwork, Swertz & Jansen, U Groningen Weighted Gene Co-expression Network Analysis (WGCNA), Horvath, UCLA iPlant Sage Bionetworks Repository: Synapse GenomeSpace Institute…

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SNP2TFBS Viewing variants that affect TF binding – Results – SNP identifier Chrom id (Feb 2009 GRCh37/hg19) SNP position NB. of TF factors rs1800629   dbSNP NC_000006.11 (chr6) 31543031 1 TF name  PWM score on Ref PWM score on Alt Score difference Low Score Thr High Score Thr MZF1_1-4  1024  ….

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Bioconductor – MotIV

    This package is for version 3.4 of Bioconductor; for the stable, up-to-date release version, see MotIV. Motif Identification and Validation Bioconductor version: 3.4 This package makes use of STAMP for comparing a set of motifs to a given database (e.g. JASPAR). It can also be used to visualize…

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Problem with HOMER -find

Problem with HOMER -find <motif file> 0 I am trying to search for specific motifs in my set of promoters. It should be possible with the option -find *.motif I know that there are for sure some occurrences because I have found them with search function in Notepad. However HOMER…

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