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Growth rate is a dominant factor predicting the rhizosphere effect

Rhizosphere bacteria have shorter predicted doubling times than soil bacteria To investigate whether growth rate potential predictions correlate with rhizosphere enrichment, we re-analyzed previously published metacommunities. These included rhizospheres and associated bulk soil microbiomes from 18 different plant genotypes and conditions such as: Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes and sister species [9],…

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Pebble | Vulnerability explanation pop-up

Pebble | Vulnerability explanation pop-up CRISPRi fitness profiling to quantify vulnerability The Mtb and Msmeg CRISPRi libraries were constructed by cloning an sgRNA oligo array into an anhydrotetracycline (ATc)-inducible Sth1dCas9 vector. The libraries were designed to target all possible Mtb or Msmeg genes with sgRNAs of varying predicted knockdown efficiencies…

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DESeq2 analysis result differences

Hello, I performed patch-seq for 2 sets of neurons and then used DESeq2 to look for transcriptomic differences between the groups. One group consists of 7 neurons and the second group consists of 9 neurons. Genes that meet a threshold criteria of L2FC of more than 1.5 and adjusted p-value…

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