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PVT29967       2ug pLentiCRISPRV2-IFIT3 Description Promoter:U6Replicator:pUCClone strain:Stbl3Culture conditions:37centigrade Host:mammalian cells,LentivirusUse:Gene editingSpecies:HumanGene type:CRISPR,Cas9,sgRNAProkaryotic resistance:AmpEukaryotic resistance:PuroFluorescent protein: Caution:1.  This product is FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY!2.  The item is lyophilized form, Please take the powder plasmid by centrifugation at 5000rpm/min for 1min. Add 20ul ddH2O in to the tube of plasmid. Read…

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Evasion of cGAS and TRIM5 defines pandemic HIV

Cells and reagents HEK293T and U87 cells were maintained in DMEM medium (Gibco) supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum (FBS, Labtech) and 100 U ml−1 penicillin plus 100 μg ml−1 streptomycin (Pen/Strep; Gibco). THP-1-IFIT1 cells that had been modified to express Gaussia luciferase under the control of the IFIT1 promoter were described previously62. THP-1…

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