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Change log2FoldChange range – plotMA

You can use base R graphics to make these plots. The data is sitting there in columns of the res object, so you can filter it directly, and use boolean vectors to pick out the things you need: # make sure there are no NA values sum(is.na(res$log2FoldChange)) # choose some…

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Diffbind3 dba.plotMA error

Hello, I am analyzing some ATAC-seq from flies using Diffbind3.0.8 and EdgeR. I initially ran dba.analyze() with the default peak size of 401 and was able to graph the results using dba.plotMA and dba.plotVolcano when my contrasts were evaluated using both EdgeR and DESEQ2. After resizing the peaks to 100…

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weird MAplot or volcano plot of DESeq2 diff result

Hi, every one. I find a werid MAplot or volcano plot of DESeq reuslt. I am wondering whether you can give me some advice. This diff result is from two cell type bulk RNA-seq. I use two specific marker to get these two cell type using Flow cytometer. I alreadly…

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