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Primers and multimapping ?

Primers and multimapping ? 0 Hi, I am trying design primer using primer3. Maybe a stupid question but I was wondering if the forward primer map in multiple location on the genome but the reverse map in one uniq location, will I still got a pcr product ? primer3 •…

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Primer3 issue with the Sequence_ID

Primer3 issue with the Sequence_ID 0 Hi everyone, I am trying to sign primers for my sequences but I have an error that I do not understand the problem. I made my finputfile.txt and I made the command below: aka@aka:~/Desk/Primer$ /home/aka/primer3/src/primer3_core < input.txt > result.txt input.txt PRIMER_TASK=generic PRIMER_PICK_LEFT_PRIMER=1 PRIMER_PICK_INTERNAL_OLIGO=0 PRIMER_PICK_RIGHT_PRIMER=1…

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Automated Primer-Blast like funcionnality

Automated Primer-Blast like funcionnality 5 A member of our lab is using Primer-Blast (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/tools/primer-blast/) to find what DNA her pairs of primers amplify in the NT nucleotide database. She designed degenerated primers and the number of possible pairs goes up to 256. She does not want to do that many…

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