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Error in getCdfInfo(object) :

Error in getCdfInfo(object) : 1 @bca66a4b Last seen 1 hour ago Japan Hi I wanted to do a rma analysis for a affymetrix microarray data. but I got a problem. Code should be placed in three backticks as shown below setwd(“~/Downloads/GSE24184_RAW/”) library(affy) library(makecdfenv) data = ReadAffy() data and I got…

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Analysing Microarray Data In Bioconductor

I was thinking about creating a tutorial on how to do a simple microarray analysis in Bioconductor. But, I realized this has already been done quite nicely at the Bioinformatics Knowledgeblog. Their first tutorial on the subject covers installation of necessary packages, downloading of cel files, describing the experiment, loading…

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Error in ReadAffy function

Error in ReadAffy function 0 I want to do a microarray analysis so I got a tar file from the GEO. When I want to read it by ReadAffy() function I get the error below: library(affy) dataset<-ReadAffy(compress=T, celfile.path = “GSE129166_RAW .tar”) Error in AllButCelsForReadAffy(…, filenames = filenames, widget = widget,…

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