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Error using sequenza-utils with WES

Hi! I’m trying to calculate the homologous recombination deficiency score of a cell line (MDA-MB-231) using whole exome sequencing data. To do this, I pretend to use the scarHRD package in R, but I first need a “*.seqz.gz” archive, which is made using sequenza-utils, but I have the following error…

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alelle – specific CNA/LOH

alelle – specific CNA/LOH 0 Dear all, I would appreciate having your help on the following : I would like to use a software that is called scarHRD to measure the degree of homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) in cancer cells. The link to the scarHRD package is : github.com/sztup/scarHRD ScarHRD…

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HRD score LST?

HRD score LST? 1 I am confused about the calculation of LST score for the HRD score. Looking at the description of such a package that does this calculation (scarHRD): In the LST figure B, I don’t understand why the 2nd “X” in chromosome 1 is marked as an “X”….

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