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SmartPCA SNP Weights

SmartPCA SNP Weights 0 Hi everyone, I am using the SNP weightings calculated using the smartpca algorithm implemented in Eigensoft for my analysis. I was wondering if anyone knows how the weighting for each SNP is calculated? Thanks in advance weightings Eigensoft smartPCA SNP • 13 views Login before adding…

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smartPCA: problem with .evec file

smartPCA: problem with .evec file 0 Hi all! I’m having problems with .evec file when running smartPCA. This file doesn’t consider all the individuals that I introduced in .ped file (529 individuals). Anyone knows what the problem might be? The command that I used was: ./smartpca -p Patag_sud_maf_ld.par > Patag_sud_maf_ld.out…

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