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pmk21/rsqlite – gitmetadata

A simple SQLite clone in Rust. This is basically a translation of the C code present on this brilliant tutorial into Rust(not fully idiomatic). This code contains implementation only upto Part 5 in the tutorial. This a very simple database and is a small project I took up to gain…

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R connection to sqlite – Stackify

SQLite is a file level database, hence to reference it requires a full directory path. No where do you specify the working directory or a full path in the file name. By default, R will use the current working directory contained in getwd(). If database is not contained in this…

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Having problem with RSQLite : RStudio

Hi, I’m trying to learn how to use RSQLite but I’m already having a problem, wondered if anyone knows how to fix it. I have a pre-existing database (.data) file which does not have attribute names and I am trying to create a SQLite database with a table defined with…

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sqliteCopyDatabase function – RDocumentation

Description Copies a database connection to a file or to another database connection. It can be used to save an in-memory database (created using dbname = “:memory:” or dbname = “file::memory:”) to a file or to create an in-memory database a copy of another database. Usage sqliteCopyDatabase(from, to) Arguments from…

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How do I “flush” data to my RSQLite disk database?

You’re not using the pattern suggested by the RSQLite documentation. That documentation uses dbWriteTable to copy a data frame into a SQLite table: dbWriteTable(con, “mtcars”, mtcars) According to this documentation, your full code would look something like this: con <- dbConnect(RSQLite::SQLite(), “./mtcars.db”) data(mtcars) dbWriteTable(con, “mtcars”, mtcars) dbListTables(con) # Fetch all…

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r – RSQLite Error “hash is not an exported object”

I am trying to scrape some pitchf/x data and store it in an SQLite database. However, I am receiving the following error when I run the following code: library(RSQLite) library(dplyr) db <- src_sqlite(“pitchfx.sqlite3”, create = T) This is the error: Error in h(simpleError(msg, call)) : error in evaluating the argument…

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r – RStudio Server in Windows WSL2 – Shiny Server: What is the difference:

This may be a very basic question for guys who handle daily with programming issues! And until today I was not able to find the right words to ask and now I hope I can explain clearly what I want! It is technically not a coding question! It is not…

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alphafold2: HHblits failed – githubmemory

I’ve tried using the standard alphafold2 setup via docker (converted to a singularity container) via the setup described at github.com/kalininalab/alphafold_non_docker, and both result in the following error: […] E1210 12:01:01.009660 22603932526400 hhblits.py:141] – 11:49:18.512 INFO: Iteration 1 E1210 12:01:01.009703 22603932526400 hhblits.py:141] – 11:49:19.070 INFO: Prefiltering database E1210 12:01:01.009746 22603932526400 hhblits.py:141]…

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Bioconductor – pdInfoBuilder

Platform Design Information Package Builder Bioconductor version: 2.5 Builds platform design information packages. These consist of a SQLite database containing feature-level data such as x, y position on chip and featureSet ID. The database also incorporates featureSet-level annotation data. The products of this packages are used by the oligo pkg….

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tabix for ID column

tabix for ID column 4 Hello, I’m looking for something similar to tabix. But instead of looking for informations within a given region, I would like to use the values in the ID column for quickly lookup. So for example I would like to take the compressed dbSNP file, index…

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