PolyAllele Detail

Polymorphism: FLAG_344G02 Name    FLAG_344G02 Date last modified    2006-09-11 Aliases    344G02 Tair Accession    Polymorphism:1009991284 Type    insertion    Insertion Type    T-DNA Chromosome   unknown Mutagen    T-DNA insertion Mutation Site    gene Associated Polymorphisms Insertion   Species Variant (attribution)   Length   Polymorphic Sequence   Polymorphism…

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Sequence (annotation) databases in 2021

Forum:Sequence (annotation) databases in 2021 1 Hi everyone, So I know there are several threads on this topic already (or tangentially related to it). For example: But these threads are really old now. Things have probably changed quite significantly in the mean time. So I would like to start a…

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