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install GenomicFeatures fail

install GenomicFeatures fail 1 @5b9023e7 Last seen 19 hours ago China BiocManager::install(‘GenomicFeatures’) results show ‘getOption(“repos”)’ replaces Bioconductor standard repositories, see ‘?repositories’ for details replacement repositories: CRAN: mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/CRAN/ Bioconductor version 3.14 (BiocManager 1.30.16), R 4.1.0 (2021-05-18) Installing package(s) ‘GenomicFeatures’ also installing the dependencies ‘Rhtslib’, ‘Rsamtools’, ‘GenomicAlignments’, ‘rtracklayer’ Packages which are only…

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phase_trio.sh | searchcode

phase_trio.sh | searchcode PageRenderTime 24ms CodeModel.GetById 16ms app.highlight 5ms RepoModel.GetById 1ms app.codeStats 0ms /Phase/phase_trio.sh github.com/BioinformaticsArchive/fCNV Shell |…

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Vcfutils error code

Vcfutils error code 20-08-2021 code at line (I think) just to get it to write a proper fq. Second issue is this error: substr outside of string at /usr/local/bin/object91.ru line We can do this in a single…

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